Web Service


PseudoBase++ provides a simple Web Service that allows users to write client applications to access our database directly. Given a simple search query, our service returns all the pseudoknot records matching the query. Our Web Service is described using the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and can be accessed via SOAP and XML-RPC. Many languages such as Java, Ruby, PHP, C# have APIs for this protocol and some can even automatically generate ready-made clients given the WSDL file.

To use this service, you send a simple search string and Pseudobase++ returns the matching records. You can then use that information to do your own processing and analysis.

WSDL File:


Web Service URL:


(Note: you cannot navigate to this url via the browser, you must use a web service client using SOAP or XML-RPC to invoke this service)

Example Request and Results:

The following is a page that our developers use for testing. It will show you the form of the request in both SOAP and XML-RPC and show you how the Pseudobase++ service will respond. The results are returned as an array of comma separated strings. The first entry of the array lists the attribute names of the pseudoknot record and each following entry contains the data.

Test Application